Wellborn Cabinet

Wellborn Cabinet

At Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. we are more than a family-owned kitchen and bath
cabinetry manufacturer; we are your partner in quality and service. Nestled in
Ashland, AL our 2,000,000-square-foot facility streamlines every aspect of cabinet
production. Controlling all steps of the process from log to the delivered final product,
Wellborn Cabinet offers a wide range of products, superior quality and craftsmanship
made in America to meet your business demands.

  • Our Products

    Wellborn Semi-Custom Options

    Wellborn Cabinet's semi-custom options are an ideal solution for builders that want to provide elevated cabinetry solutions. Choose from a diverse range of premium finishes, innovative features, and versatile designs that impeccably reflect your client's unique style. Precision-crafted, our semi-custom cabinets seamlessly blend quality and design, ensuring that each cabinet is a genuine manifestation of your client's personality and style.

    Semi-Custom Options
  • Our Products

    Wellborn Select Series

    Wellborn Cabinet's Select Series offers a solution for affordable stylish cabinetry with a myriad of configurations and storage solutions. From timeless elegance to cutting-edge innovation, the Select Series transforms each cabinet into a canvas for individual expression. Your projects will include luxurious finishes and versatile door designs, all meticulously crafted to endure. Wellborn Cabinet's commitment to excellence is epitomized in the Select Series, offering tailored solutions for distinctive and enduring cabinetry experiences.

    Select Series
  • Our Products

    Wellborn Willow Slate Finish

    Offer your customers one of the most desired looks with the on-trend calming Willow Slate finish from Wellborn Cabinet. This this color can work in a multitude of design styes from traditional to modern creating a signature space. Inspired by natural stone colors, the rich tones of Willow Slate transform cabinets into a statement piece, creating an ambiance of understated beauty.

    Slate Finish
  • Our Products

    Wellborn Hancock Door Style

    Deliver on customer desired looks with Wellborn Cabinet's versatile Hancock door style. Seamlessly blending classic craftsmanship and contemporary flair, this door style can work with many design aesthetics, creating an inviting atmosphere for your clients. Transform spaces with timeless appeal, and enduring quality and style. Offer the look customers are seeking with the Hancock door style also available in Aspire, our full-access frameless cabinet line offering a multitude of creative storage solutions.

    Hancock Door Style